Jasmine’s Flavour Is Raspberry & Blueberry

She is an ‘infusion’ of multiple nationalities, languages and cultures. She loves berries and always enjoys great company. She likes to funk up the no&more team with her colourful ideas and bring in the playful insights from the 90’s generation! She’s the youngest in the team, but she certainly has much in common with everyone else here: she absolutely loves no&more!

She’s crazy about racquet sports, especially squash. She’s into social development and volunteers for Unseen Tours, a social enterprise empowering homeless people. She’s also a member of the Rebel Book Club, the coolest book club you’ll ever hear about.

When the berries season begins, she loves planting flowers in her garden and growing her own veggies. She tried making her own infused water, but still hasn’t been able to match the smooth and exuberant combination of flavours of our no&more raspberry and blueberry- so she’d just rather drink that all day in the office!

She loves weekend getaways with her friends and visiting her family back in Italy. Every time she goes home, she comes back with a bag full of food and goodies for the rest of the team- and they love it!

Jasmine doesn’t know how she got caught up in this beautiful journey. She was meant to stay for only six months, but then ended up sticking around, inspired by the great people and, of course, the berries!

HER MOTTO: ‘It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die’.

Illustration of Jasmine Awad

Jasmine Awad

Business Development Manager