Illustration of Gemma Pond

Gemma Pond


Gemma’s Flavour Is Cucumber & Mint

Gemma is cool, calm, debonair. She thinks it’s all about balance, she is a big believer of ‘if you want it- have it’!

She is actively healthy. She likes yoga, meditation, mindfulness, calm and beautiful spaces. Water is one of her favourite drinks- green juice is always on her menu but she is definitely far from perfect: she also enjoys a dirty burger and a few cheeky glasses of prosecco from time to time.

She loves the seasons, and the magic of nature. Her favourite time of the year is the summertime. She very much enjoys the sun and would spend all day on the water if she could. The sound of the ocean is her favourite - watching the sunset whilst drinking a gin&tonic is her favourite moment of the day.

She surrounds herself with positive, kind and moral people. As she always says…you are the company you keep! She is at her happiest when she is at home spending time with her family and friends, she loves to laugh and being a little naughty sometimes. She is kind and loyal, good at giving advice, open-minded and positive, and always tries and put herself in other people’s shoes.

She is a creature of habit and likes it when things to go according to plan. She says what she thinks and is sometimes far too honest for her own good. She loves her own company and having her own space. She is very precious with her time and won’t do what she doesn’t want to do…her view is life is too short to do what you don’t want to do. She’s also a big believer in what will be will be- everything happens for a reason.

HER MOTTO: ‘It’s better to fail than to never have tried at all’.
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