Illustration of Gary Nerdrum

Gary Nerdrum

Commercial Director

Gary’s Flavour Is Tangerine & Mango

As a sun lover and the only male in the team, he puts the “tan” into tangerine and the “man” into mango! He loves getting away from it all to somewhere with a warm climate and this is a big part of his relaxation time with the family. At home he tends to have a fairly healthy midweek routine; generally no alcohol, healthy eating and exercise. At the weekend that all gets left behind as he willingly gives in to temptation.

He enjoys spending time with close friends, either on weekend breaks or playing golf. He is competitive and can get frustrated when things don’t get done properly – someone would probably say he puts the “anger” into tangerine! As the oldest within his group of friends and with his work colleagues, Gary is used to trying to keep up with people younger than him, and he actually manages fairly well!

He can get passionate about things – or as his kids would usually say, he is obsessive. If he believes in something, like he believes in no&more, he is enthusiastic and optimistic in equal measure, so he would say he puts the “go” into mango!

HIS MOTTO: ‘Ultimately, life’s what you make it....I don’t believe in fate’.