Christine’s Flavour Is Watermelon & Melon

Her drink is definitely a reflection of what she likes her everyday life to be, colourful, lively, sunny. She likes encounters, especially the most improbable ones, just like watermelon and melon…they come from sunny places but they are not the obvious match. She likes challenges, she loves to see grumpy people smile, and hostile people enjoy the kindness they discover in themselves.

Christine comes for the south… like her favourite drink: she probably talks more than she acts sometimes, especially when it comes to health and fitness. You might think she’s healthy but she definitely isn’t. She will be secretly craving in her kitchen at midnight and steal any junk that is in the cupboard, from savoury to sweet, from crisps to ice cream. She is in a real struggle to change her bad habits and get into sports, yet she takes it with a smile and has decided to stop the big ambitions - learning that step by step is the best way to get into better habits.

Yoga is a complete foreign language and mindfulness is a unknown concept, but it all sounds attractive to her. Fresh food and less sugar are now in her daily rhetoric whilst she is stuffing herself with the latest Mentos flavours, but again, her daily intake of sugar has probably started decreasing for the past year - no more sweet drinks or rarely is a great step forward.

HER MOTTO: No junk, but definitely more funk!

Illustration of Christine Reiner

Christine Reiner

Managing Director / Co-Founder